Mar. 19th, 2016

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 Thank Muse It's Friday Report

Thank you and welcome to new prompter [personal profile] wyld_dandelyon.

Thanks to [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith for prompts and linking back. Also thanks to [personal profile] redsixwing for prompting.

Total word count was 3,372.

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The Premise

Capes and Masks is about an alternate Earth where super powers exist. Some people use said powers to create crime, fight crime, or do something else entirely. Some people with no powers at all also do those things.

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Common Terms and Slang

Badass Normal: Someone without super powers who does cape work anyway and holds their own against their super powered counterparts.

Black Cape: A supervillain.

Blue Cape: Someone who uses their super powers for their regular job.

Cape: Someone with super powers. It's a bit of misnomer as (1) most people doing cape work don't wear capes, (2) not everyone with super powers does cape work, and (3) some heroes and villains don't have super powers.

Cape Work: Doing superhero and supervillain stuff.

The Code: A set of mutually agreed rules governing cape work. It covers stuff like medical neutrality, keeping hero/villain activity on the job, minimizing bystander harm, avoiding permanent injury or death. Violations of the Code negatively impact your reputation and if severe enough, will lead to you being blacklisted by the cape community as a whackjob.

Gear: The stuff one uses for cape work, including the super suit.

Grey Cape: An antihero.

Invisible Cape: Someone who hides or tries to hide their superpowers.

Manifestation: When one's super powers became active.

The Mask: The alternate identity. For many, this is their hero or villain identity but some consider their civilian identity to be The Mask and the hero or villain identity to be their true self.

Origin: Debut of one's Mask identity.

Super Suit: What someone wears while doing cape work. They are made either out of ordinary materials or the growing number of super fabrics.

White Cape: A superhero.

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 Time for the March crowdfunding Creative Jam Session here on Dreamwidth or over at Livejournal.
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Poem: Communication

by shiori_makiba

Words: 186 lines (1286 words)

Part of the Capes and Masks universe.

Inspired by prompts from [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith and [personal profile] wyld_dandelyon for March 2016 Thank Muse It's Friday.

Warning!: Reference to past mind rape, violation of body and mental autonomy. Characters' current environment is safe and supportive. Please consider your head space before reading.

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