Jul. 29th, 2016

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Thank Muse It's Friday is now closed for prompts. Thanks to everyone who participated. I'm still working on your pieces and I will send them to you as soon as I'm done writing them and doing one last check for errors.

What is Thank Muse It's Friday?

In a similar vein to ysabetwordsmith's Poetry Fishbowl, Thank Muse It's Friday is a prompt-and-writing session. It is one part writing exercise, one part audience builder, and hopefully one part money maker.

This month the theme is “I Need A Hero.”

How does it work?

It's very easy. Leave me a prompt or prompts in the comment section below. I'll pick one and give you some words in the form of a poem, prose, or demi-fiction. Primarily I use the PM system here on Dreamwidth for that but that is not avaliable or not working for some reason, I will e-mail it to you. I promise not to keep anyone's e-mail address afterward.

The prompt call lasts at least twenty-four hours from time of first posting at about 8 AM US Eastern Time on 7/29/2016.

Which universes to I do write in?

{A} I have a number of imaginary friends who are hoping for some time on stage in front of a non-me audience. Prompts that don't specify a setting will feature one of them.

{B} So far my original series include: 'Ohana, about an interracial cross-orientation polyfamily, the Garden which features the larger community that 'Ohana live in (currently listed with 'Ohana), and the newest Capes and Masks, a superhero setting.

{C} The Berettaflies thread for Polychrome Heroics.

{D} I'm open to writing fiction or demi-fiction for Ysabetwordsmith or Dialecticdreamer's open settings. The resulting pieces will be sent to them as well as the prompter since it is their sandbox.

{E} Fan Fic prompts are also welcomed. I have too many fandoms to list here. Ask anyway and if's not one I've seen/read, I'll need either a good premier and some extra time or an alternative. We'll work it out.

The Theme

As aforementioned, this month's theme is “I Need A Hero.”

I'm soliciting ideas for superheroes, superheras, capes of no particular or both genders, ethical supervillains, ordinary folks doing heroic things, everyday heroes, doing the right thing, standing up for others, standing up for yourself, saving the world, saving others, saving yourself, and anything else that fits the theme.

Anything else?

{1} For the first time, I'm set up for donations. Note that donations are NOT required nor is any particular amount. But any funds you want to kick my way are very much appreciated.


{2} I'd still like constructive feedback. It is not required but appreciated since one of the points of these sessions is to improve and expand my writing skills.

{3} Signal boosting is also very much appreciated.

{4} Please let me know if you have donated or boosted the signal or both because you have earned yourself a second prompt fill.

{5} To help prevent me from missing anyone and keeping track of needed thank yous for signal boosts and such, I make a list of prompts, boosters, etc. If I managed to miss you despite this precaution, please send me a message.


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