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 While looking at someone's tumblr feed, I found some pretty pictures of ladies with butterfly and moth wing fashions. And I just had to save and share those pictures into the Tsubasa inspiration folder. Plus who knows what else this might inspire. Check it out.

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The Premise
The 'Ohana Family
'Ohana is about a polyfamily. Their birth families have largely rejected them for one reason or another so they have forged their own family.
The Garden
The 'Ohana polyfamily resides in a community known as the Garden, named because all of the street names and such are the names of plants. The Garden prides itself on being a safe and tolerate place for anyone who just wants to live their lives and not hurt anyone.

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 The crowdfunding Creative Jam session for January is open here and here with the theme of “Art and Artisans.” Leave a prompt and/or claim a prompt.

What I Have Written:

“Something You Don't See Everyday” – Inspired by the prompts of [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith[personal profile] chanter_greenie, and one of my own.

From My Prompts:

“"Drawing Out the Feelings" – by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith


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 Announcement: Thank Muse It's Friday


Thank Muse It's Friday is a planned monthly prompt session in a similar vein as[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's Poetry Fishbowl and [personal profile] dialecticdreamer's Magpie Monday. Currently, I have it scheduled for the third Friday of the month.


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 Goals for 2016


I saw something similar on Ysabetwordsmith's blog here on DW and thought it was good idea. Without further ado, I present (in no particular order) my goals for 2016:


  1. Actually look at this list of goals more than now and at the end of the year so I might have snowball's chance of accomplishing some of it. I have shamelessly stolen/borrowed (delete as you see fit) this goal from the Wordsmith on the grounds it is a sensible idea.

  2. Make a website for original writing work.

  3. Make practice quilt. Accept that as my first quilt that it will not be the best.

  4. Finish butterfly quilt for Mom.

  5. Finish embroidery on the rose quilt squares.

  6. Finish rose quilt for Aunt Nene.

  7. Finish rose throw pillows for Aunt Nene.

  8. Finish lavender flower pillow thing.

  9. Consider other small fiber-craft projects such as making bookmarks, etc.

  10. Complete one piece of writing, either one poem, one chapter, one episode script, etc per original series idea. Post said pieces to see which get nibbles and otherwise generate interest from audience.

  11. Create basic supporting materials for series, such as basic character sheets, cast lists, etc.

  12. Make writing Twitter account. Remember to actually login and use it.

  13. Continue Berettaflies pieces. Finish making character sheets for my already created characters in that thread.

  14. Experiment with writing – try something new like a structured poem that isn't a haiku.

  15. Continue to improve writing and look for opportunities to increase skills and knowledge.

  16. Participate in at least one bingo fest.

  17. Start regular prompt session similar to Poetry Fishbowl or Magpie Monday.

  18. Re-obtain some form of regular employment to help support self while building writing career.

  19. Continue to volunteer at local library.

  20. Go through closet to remove clothes that no longer fit, and take them to a charity.

  21. Work on getting degree out whatever institution nonsense is keeping it in limbo.

  22. Fill in the blank: __________. Again, something I have again stolen / borrow from the Wordsmith. Because one is right that sometimes you pick up surprise goals that you didn't see coming but deserve credit for.

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I decided to participate in ysabetwordsmith's November Creative Jam session in more than just prompts. This was my first creative jam and it was fun. I definitely plan to do so again and thinking about doing my own call for prompts event. Just have to make sure to schedule it at the right time.

What I've Written
Why We Don't Annoy the Author” – It doesn't pay to be rude to a writer.

Amazing” – Books are awesome.

Lost” – Sometimes stories become lost.

Books Are” – Exactly what it says on the tin.

Stories” – An alien discovers human books.

Hungry for a Story” – Books and food.

"Bookworms" - One of the many strange denizens of L-Space is the bookworm.

The other poems will be posted but with exception of two on that list, I let the prompters view them first.
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Ysabethwordsmith, this is entirely your fault. Not too long ago, I would told you that I didn't like to read poetry very much, much less try to write any of it. Now I regularly read yours, am more willing to give others a try, and keep trying to produce it myself.

Poem: Metamorphosis
By shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer

This poem was inspired by ysabetwordsmith's “Berettaflies” along with dialecticdreamer and other fellow readers resulting demifiction about the incident.

Warning(s): Mentions of super-bugs that sting people, injury resulting in body modification and possible superpowers.
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Demifiction: A Letter to Editor
by shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer
Part 1 of 1 (complete)
Word Count: 80

Inspired ysabethwordsmith's “Berrettaflies” and DialecticDreamer's “Demifiction: Children's Hospital Closes Doors!”

Dear Editor,

I just have one question: How many people have to die or get hurt before Spectrum learns the meaning of the term “collateral damage?” That supervillains shouldn't be trying to make superbugs does not excuse them from not doing their best to reduce harm to innocent bystanders. Nor have I heard anything like an apology to any of the victims or their families.

If you are going to wear the cape, then be responsible!

A Concerned Citizen
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In no particular order, based purely on my own experience of wearing glasses and observations of people wearing glasses in media. Others experiences and observations may vary.

{1} Glasses are not a fashion accessory. Yes, people who wear glasses generally do pick the frames that they think will look good on them. But people who need them often need to perform tasks like reading or driving. If you need them to drive, they are not just something you can take off and leave behind whenever it is inconvenient.

{2} Glasses need to handled with a certain amount of care so you don't break them. That's why your glasses-wearing compatriots usually set down their glasses rather than just toss them down somewhere.

{3} Certain amount of care includes careful cleaning of the lens so they don't get broken or get scratched. Little scratches on the lens strain the eyes of the person wearing the glasses, which cause stuff like headaches and might worsen their eyesight further.

{4} You can clean eyeglasses with a paper towel or napkin but they can scratch the lens or damage the coatings the lens were treated with so a soft cloth is better. A lot of people for a quick wipe to clear away fog, steam, or other moisture, use their shirt.

{5} Mostly someone needs to clean the lens of their glasses to remove either moisture or fingerprints. It seems that no matter how carefully you handle your glasses, you get your fingers and thus your prints on the lens. And since yours hand are have oils, this makes smudges that get hard to see through.

{6} Most people try to keep at least one pair of back-up glasses in case the ones they are wearing get broken. If you are poor, your back-up pair is usually your last pair of glasses that aren't broken.

{7} The back-up is generally worn until the broken pair can be replaced, particularly if the back-up is an old pair of glasses with an out-of-date prescription.

{8} Corrective eyeglasses have a prescription. This prescription tells them how to shape the lens to correct the person's vision.

{9} Everyone's prescription is a little bit different. My brother and I are both near-sighted. He cannot wear my glasses in a pinch, primarily because my eyesight is much worse than his and the lens are too strong and wearing them for any length of time would hurt.

{10} People who wear glasses, assuming they can afford it, generally get their eyes checked every one to two years. Some people might be more frequent. People who cannot afford it will likely put off getting their eyes checked or new glasses until it becomes absolutely necessary.

{11} Glasses aren't exactly cheap. The price you see in the vision center is the price of the FRAMES. Adding the prescription lens, not including coatings like glare-resistant, is a minimum (at the store I go to) of 50 US dollars. Each. With that bare minimum, with the cheapest frames which might be between $7 and $9, you are looking at between $107 and $109 for a new pair of glasses. Not including the eye exam* which, at the place I go, is currently $59. $166-168 (at bare minimum) might not sound like a lot but it is lot when you don't have very much money. And remember that is a minimum. They can and do cost more than that. My last pair, for example, was $186 not including the exam. The frames were $9.

*which if your prescription is over two years old, you are not allowed to skip the exam. They will not sell you new glasses with your old prescription if that prescription is over two years old. At least, no place I've ever been will.

{12} The lens will fog up. If you go outside when it is cold. Or inside when it is hot if that inside is air-conditioned. Steam from your coffee/tea/hot soup will that do that. It doesn't usually last very long but since you can't see out of it, you have to pause and wait for it to clear. Or take off your glasses and wipe them off.

{13} Rainwater on eyeglasses is like rainwater dropping onto your car's windscreen. Enough of it and you can't see through it without wiping away the water.

That's it from off the top of my head. Anyone who has anything else to add from your own experiences or observations, please contribute.
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 Like many writers, I have a legion (for they are many) of characters who part-live in my head. The rest of the time they occupy another world that I have been getting interesting glimpses of.  Some of these glimpses did not seem to belong to the same place but everyone insisted that they did. Apparently none of them realized until today that no one had informed me that while everyone was from the same WORLD, they were NOT from the same TIME period. >.< 

*head desk grumble why didn't you say so earlier?! mumble*

For any who might be curious, that world is known as Yamato. It is very inspired by my interest / love in various anime, manga, super sentai series, including the prevalence of people with hair and eyes (and skin) in every color known to crayons. It is also inspired by my growing annoyance / irritation toward the things that bug me about above (the Law of Chromatic Superiority in Super Sentai for example) and others - like the increasing lack of agency and/or ethical behavior in our "heroes." I want heroes who do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Solutions other than hitting things to problems. That even villains should have boundaries, lines that they will not cross and view those who do so extremely poorly. Women Being Awesome. Families of Choice. Non-heterosexuals with happy, fulfilling lives. People falling in love with people who aren't abusive jerks. That the dude in the wheelchair and/or the neutral variant lady are totally capable of saving the world if they want to.

I'm still building the bridge. Hopefully once it is complete, other people will be willing to visit Yamato with me.

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 Poem that came to me as I woke up and required very little tweaking. A very rare gift from the muses that I will not turn my nose up at. I blame the Wordsmith - this is the third bit of poetry I have written since starting to read her work. She might be slowly turning me into a poet.


the whispering voice of the wooden one

the scratching voice of the plastic one

little workers that bring your words to life

little dancers that give your pictures shape

some use their computer more often these days

but your pencils still stand ready

loyal little friends to let you create once more  


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