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2016-03-06 01:51 pm
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Masterpost Writing Index

This will be master index for my writing so those looking for pieces can more easily find them.

Updated Frequently (Hopefully)


'Ohana / The Garden - Snap-shots of the lives of the 'Ohana family, an interracial, cross-orientation polyfamily along with their large community of The Garden. A community that desires and works to make themselves to a safe place for all kinds of people.
Contemporary Romantic Slice-of-Life Hurt/Comfort.

Capes and Masks - Adventures of the heroes, villains, the inbetween, and various assorted none of the aboves who reside in alternate Earth where super powers exist. Sometimes people use said powers to fight crime, others to commit crimes, others do neither with their powers, and some people do any of that without super powers.
Super Hero Science Fantasy.
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2017-04-19 08:20 pm

Poem: Florida Mornings

Poem: Florida Mornings

by shiori_makiba

A free-verse poem.

“Florida Morning”

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2017-04-04 04:45 pm

Signal Boost: Poetry Fishbowl

 [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith  is hosting their monthly Poetry Fishbowl with the theme of "living in the cracks."

Drop it, leave prompts, get poems.

If you can, boost the signal and/or kick some money the poet's way.
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2017-04-02 11:56 pm
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Signal Boost: M3B

[personal profile] siliconshaman  is hosting their Monthly Monday Muse Bait [M3B], a creative writing prompt session with the theme of Hidden in Plain Sight.

Please check it out, leave prompts, and kick some money in the writer's direction if you can.
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2017-04-02 08:12 am

Poem: Anxiety

Poem: Anxiety

by shiori_makiba

Can't remember what this style of poetry is called. Again, trying to work though my emotions and anxiety with creativity instead of continued withdrawal.

Edit: The style is called acrostic. Thanks [personal profile] alatefeline!

Warning: Anxiety


Anxiety is a difficult beast to subdue.

Nothing and everything can set it off. It can

X-out your strength to keep striving forward.

It can make you feel worthless. It

Encourages you to feel guilty for not having enough spoons

To cope with everything by yourself. But

You are not alone.

Reach out there, almost

Everything is fixable.

All you need is to be patient and gentle with yourself.

Call on those who love and support you

Help is available. It's

Out there. I

Understand that it's hard to ask for help sometimes (all the time) but

Try it, good help can be hard to find but so worth it the effort.

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2017-04-01 09:55 pm
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Update: I'm Back

 Sorry for the long silence, everyone.

My mental health decided to give me fits all of a sudden and the stress of . . . everything . . . did not help. My emotions have been very up and down and all over. And anxiety makes it difficult for me sleep at the best of times. So  I just have not had the spoons to interact all that much.

I feel better now. I could be better but I think this is about as good I'm going to get while Agent Orange and others like him are running this much of the globe.

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2017-04-01 09:49 pm

Poem: Roller-coaster

 Poem: Roller-coaster

by shiori_makiba

A free-verse poem, expressing a lot of my feelings for the last few months. I know I've been silent but I find it hard to interact when my emotions are this all over the place. Feeling more even and stable now – we'll see how it goes.

Warning: References to negativity and bigotry.

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2016-12-09 01:36 am
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Science: Solar System and Scale

 While roaming the internet, I came across this neat video about the scale of our solar system.

If you're like me, you have difficulty fully wrapping your brain around space distances. I understand intellectually that distance between objects in space is huge. But it can hard to visualize just how huge those distances are.

So maybe this video will help you get that picture in your head. It's been helping me.

Check it out - To Scale: The Solar System.


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2016-12-07 01:31 am

Signal Boost: Poetry Fishbowl

 Time for the December Poetry Fishbowl hosted by ysabetwordsmith. The theme is "All the news is dark, so light a candle."

Drop in, leave prompt.

Signal boost if you can.

Kick some money the bard's way if you can.

And remember to have fun.

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2016-11-21 09:37 am
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Life: Winter Week

Florida, or at least the section of it I live in, is usually ranges from warm to hot, often with high humidity for added flavor. But during the winter time, it does what I like to call our Winter Week. Just a week - sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, in the winter months were it gets cold. Actually cold. Most people here consider it cold if the outside temperature drops below 80 or 70. But this morning when I got up it was 46 degrees F. Which is actually cold. It's supposed to warm back up over the course of the week.

Because it is cold and I like it, I making chili in the crockpot. Chili is good for cold days. And hot days.

People living in Florida aren't used to cold and most of them don't have the clothes for it. They have to layer. I kept some of my winter clothes from Colorado because I'm often cold so I do okay. But I've seen people having to double and triple layer light jackets. To be fair to those people, it's not like they need a thicker coat most of the time. Not in this section of Florida. Northern Florida gets colder more regularly - it's winter can actually be called a winter. The rest of the Florida, winter generally gets means its drier.

Note for anyone who comes to Central Florida during the months between May and September, remember that while that is where it is nice and hot here, it also when it rains. Afternoon thunderstorms are an almost everyday occurrence. And hurricanes, even if they don't directly hit the area you are in, can still dump a lot of water in the surrounding areas. So be prepared for rain.

September and October might be better times to come in terms of weather. It isn't quite as hot and humid and it isn't usually raining every day. Of course, that's when most people can't come. Because the little ones have school. But still and since not everyone has kids, something to think about.

Well, ta-ta for now.
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2016-11-09 04:26 am

Signal Boost: Poetry Fishbowl

Late again but still going to boost the signal for [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith 's Poetry Fishbowl. The theme is families of choice.

Go, leave prompts, get poetry.

Also read some of the rest of her work. Especially if like me, you could do with some cheering up.
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2016-10-05 12:56 am

Better Late Than Never: Poetry Fishbowl

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith  is doing the Poetry Fishbowl with the theme of monsters. Unfortunately my days got away from me and I am very, very late boosting this. But better later than not at all.
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2016-09-12 05:03 pm

Signal Boost: Magpie Monday

 [personal profile] dialecticdreamer  is doing her Magpie Monday session - continue a current story or prompt for a new one.
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2016-09-11 02:52 pm

Robot Hugs Talks About Consent

The comic Robot Hugs talks about consent. It's interesting and informative. Go read it.
Warning for occasional but frank mentions of sex and sexual acts.
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2016-08-31 08:10 pm
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Death in the Family: Lancelot

Today, my family lost one of ours. Lancelot was one of the four-footed members of the family but none the less loved.

He was a cat of four years of age. He lived up to his name, being a bold, adventurous sort from the day he was born.

Unfortunately today he was attacked by two stranger dogs. I don't know how they came to be in our yard. I just know the end result was a badly injured cat. Care was given but his injuries were too severe and Lancelot crossed the rainbow bridge at 7: 48 PM. I am sad to see him go - I would have liked many more years with him - but happy that it means he is no longer in pain.

Lancelot is survived by his brother Gallahad and his mother Boot along with the rest of the family. 

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2016-08-27 05:26 am

Signal Boost: Beauty and the Beast

dialecticdreamer has completed her version of Beauty and the Beast. Go give it a read.
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2016-08-06 07:19 am
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Squirt Update

Squirt, my sick feline friend, is continuing to improve. She is already a lot more energetic and alert than she was. Of course, this also means she is energetic enough to make giving her the medicine interesting. I think it is mostly the messing with her mouth that she doesn't like.

A heartfelt and grateful thank you to everyone who donated toward her vet bill and expressed well-wishes and prayers. They were all very much appreciated. Thank you.

Just in case anyone was curious, Squirt is an 11-year-old domestic shorthair. She is black and white in patches, like a Holstein dairy cow. I adopted her as a kitten when my dad found her after her mother had either abandoned her or had died.

She was tiny so I started calling her a little squirt and it soon stuck. She apparently likes that name because any attempt to change it has meant with abject failure.

Squirt is an indoor kitty and seems to prefer seeing the great outdoors from the window to experiencing it directly.

Once again, thank you everyone for your help.

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2016-08-04 08:48 pm
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Last night my feline friend Squirt start getting sick and today we had to take her to the vet. They gave her some antibiotics and some fluids but are also running some blood work to make sure it isn't something more serious. She is perking right up so fingers crossed.

But as most of you know, the vet isn't cheap and unfortunately we don't have a lot of money. We paid the current bill but that does leave us flat broke until payday and w
e are tapping the relatives to get through until then. But if she needs anything further, I won't be able to pay for it.

I would be extremely grateful for anything you all could kick my way. If all you've got are well-wishes for Squirt, that's cool.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

UPDATE 8/5/2016: Squirt is continuing to perk up and her lab work came back all good. So looks like she needs is this course of antibiotics. So yay!

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2016-08-02 09:10 pm
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Pretty pictures and writing inspiration

 While looking at someone's tumblr feed, I found some pretty pictures of ladies with butterfly and moth wing fashions. And I just had to save and share those pictures into the Tsubasa inspiration folder. Plus who knows what else this might inspire. Check it out.

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2016-08-02 01:28 pm

Signal Boost: Poetry Fishbowl Live!

 [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith 's Poetry Fishbowl is now live. This time the theme is "unexpected SCIENCE occurs."
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2016-08-02 01:07 pm

Poem: Manners

Poem: Manners

by shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer

Word Count: 576 words in 98 lines

Part of the Berettaflies thread of Polychrome Heroics. Inspired by a prompt from 
[personal profile] thnidu during the July 2016 Thank Muse It's Friday session.

Warning: Reference to soup bigotry

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