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Poem: Manners

by shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer

Word Count: 576 words in 98 lines

Part of the Berettaflies thread of Polychrome Heroics. Inspired by a prompt from 
[personal profile] thnidu during the July 2016 Thank Muse It's Friday session.

Warning: Reference to soup bigotry

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Poem: Friends

by shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer

Word Count: 852 words in 145 lines

Inspired by a prompt made by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith during the June 2016 Thank Muse It's Friday session.

Part of the Berettaflies thread of Polychrome Heroics.

WARNING!: Use of one swear word, references to racism and sexism. Characters' current environment is safe.

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Demifiction: Community Resources

by shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer

Word Count: 198 words.

Inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith during June 2016 Thank Muse It's Friday session.

Part of the Berettaflies thread of Polychrome Heroics.

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Poem: A Pretty Good Friend

by shiori_makiba

157 words in 27 lines

Part of the Berettaflies thread of Polychrome Heroics.

Inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] siliconshaman during my April 2016 Thank Muse Its Friday session.

Concurrent with “Playing Games

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Poem: Playing Games

by shiori_makiba

405 words in 60 lines

Part of the Berettaflies thread of Polychrome Heroics.

Inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith with [personal profile] siliconshaman contributing thoughts during my April 2016 Thank Muse Its Friday session.

Concurrent with "A Pretty Good Friend"

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Poem: Aftermath

by shiori_makiba

835 words in 134 lines

Finally complete, after many attempts by illness and brain gremlins to de-rail this poem. Thank you for your patience.

Part of the Berettaflies thread.

Set after Chase and concurrent with After Shocks.

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Poem: Wrong

by shiori_makiba

Part of Berettaflies thread of Polychrome Heroics. Concurrent with “Capes and Credos” written by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith and “Chase” by [personal profile] siliconshaman.

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Poem: Painted Garden

by shiori_makiba

72 lines (412 words)

Part of the Berettaflies thread of the Polychrome Heroics by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith.

Inspired by a prompt given by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith for the March 2016 Thank Muse It's Friday session.

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Poem: Faerie Dust

by shiori_makiba

Words: 610 words in 101 lines

Part of the Berettaflies thread of [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's Polychrome Heroics universe. Inspired by comments made by [personal profile] siliconshaman and [personal profile] stardreamer. Ashley Maddison is siliconshaman's creation. Haruko McCoy (mentioned only) is from the mind of [personal profile] dialecticdreamer.

Time Frame: Some time after things have calmed back down in Easy City.

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Poem: Swarm

by shiori_makiba

Also known as Tsubasa and the Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

After finishing all my pending prompts of Thank Muse, I figured people might want to know what happened just before “Common Ground.”

Part of the Polychrome Heroics series in the Berettaflies thread.

Time: Week 3, Directly precedes “Common Ground

Warning!: Anti-soup bigotry, attempted kidnapping



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Poem: Guard-Bug

by shiori_makiba

Words: 884 in 114 lines

Based on the audience poll, Guard-Bug had the majority.

Part of the Polychrome Heroics series in the Berettaflies thread. Inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith during the February 2016 Thank Muse Its Friday session.


Most of the poem set shortly after “Secret World” but the end jumps ahead.



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 Poem: Eye of the Beholder

by shiori_makiba

55 lines


Part of the Berettaflies thread of Polychrome Heroics, created by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith. Title comes from a list of her prompts for the January Creative Jam Session. This is a little late for that but . . . you can only do what you can do.

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Demi-Fiction: All Bodies All Beautiful E-Mails Ashley
by shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer

Part of the Berettaflies thread of [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's Polychrome Heroics series. Ashley Madison is the creation of [personal profile] siliconshaman.

As always, constructive criticisms and comments are welcomed and encouraged.

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Poem: How Are You Feeling?
By shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer

Another installment of the Tsubasa Inoue story in the Berettaflies storyline. For other pieces in this thread as well as other interesting citizens of Terramagne, check out ysabetwordsmith's Polychrome Heroics page ( or her page here on DW (

As always, comments and constructive criticism is welcomed.

“How Are You Feeling?”

People kept asking how she was feeling.
Tsubasa didn't know how to answer that question exactly.
It kinda depended on what they meant
by how was she feeling.
Or who was doing the asking.

Some of those asking were her friends and family.
Them, she answered and tried to answer honestly.
But sometimes the answer was “I don't know.”

Some of those asking were strangers.
People, in and out of the hospital for one reason or another, saw the wings and asked.
At least the ones who didn't become mean
as soon as they saw the wings did.
Some of them seemed genuinely concerned
in that being-decent-to-hurt-strangers way.
Others seemed like they only asked because it was expected
and weren't interested one way or another.

She had seen more of the former than the latter
since being moved to another facility.
She had agreed to the move.
It was better equipped for dealing with superpowers than a regular hospital.
None of her powers had proved dangerous so far
but they weren't sure if she was done flickering yet.

“Sometimes even fully manifested superpowers can lurk in the background,”
Mint had explained.
Mint was her liaison and a therapist,
a soup with hair, skin, and eyes as green as her name suggested.
She seemed nice and helpful
but she was still one more stranger in the long parade of them since the incident.

'They are only trying to help,' Tsubasa reminded herself. 'Try to be patient.'
It was hard.
She had barely had any time to herself since this whole mess started.
That and the near-constant stream of new and unfamiliar people to deal with
was fraying her nerves.

Even her friends and family, as much as she loved them,
were starting to grate.
She knew why they were being so clingy.
It was understandable.
She'd be the same way if it was one of them in her place.
That made it easier to be patient with them.

Still, she was very close to being peopled-out.
Tsubasa tried to communicate that fact.
And to be fair, most of them seemed to accept that and leave.
But the empty space they left behind
never seemed to stay empty for long enough.

That wasn't the only reason she was feeling irritable.
It was a big one but not the only one.
The other was that she didn't feel exactly clean.
She washed but sinks and sponges were no substitute
for a nice hot shower or soaking in the furo.
But butterfly wings didn't like getting soaked.

Otherwise, physically, she felt fine.
She wasn't dead and didn't seem to be dying.
She wasn't in pain or paralyzed or suffering from major organ damage.
That was more than a lot of people caught in this mess had gotten.

The wings still felt a little weird but they were getting less weird everyday.
It was becoming easier to accommodate their weight,
the space they took up, and how they moved.
They felt almost normal.
Like they had always been there.
That was good.
It must be unspeakably awful if any part of your own body felt so terrible
and unnatural that you'd do almost anything to get rid of it.

The ultraviolet eyesight was still a little disorientating.
It had stabilized, no longer switching on and off.
But nothing looked the same anymore.
And that was taking more getting used to than big butterfly wings.

On the other hand, her sketch-pads had never been busier.
Trying to capture that shimmer of invisible to many color was a challenge
but one that held a lot of appeal.
She wondered if there was a market for artwork that make the invisible visible.
Or contained hidden surprises for those who could see it.
Something to add to the lists.

The “You Have Superpowers – Now What?” pamphlet had recommended making lists.
A list of what your powers were.
A list of what you could you do with your powers.
And a list of what you would do with your powers.
The lists were just for you.
A way to make to this whole thing less overwhelming.
And a way to see other options for using your powers
than being a white cape or a black cape.

If by how are you feeling, they meant how are feeling emotionally?
The answer, most of the time, was confused and overwhelmed.

The overwhelmed was because all of the changes were sudden.
And they just kept coming.

The confused was because her feelings were such a tangled mess of mixed emotions.
Unraveling it was slow-going.
Because that took energy that several times since the incident she just didn't have.
What little energy she had was focused on other things.

“You need to express what you are feeling,” Mint warned.
“It isn't healthy for anyone to bottle. It really isn't healthy for new soups.”

Tsubasa knew Mint was right.
But most people wanted words for that.
And words didn't come easy to her.
They just weren't the fine instruments in her hands like they were in Mama's.
Or like they were becoming in Mai's.
She was like Keisuke and Papa.
Forever struggling not only to find the words but the right words.
And most of the time not quite succeeding.

“I'm not good at talking,” Tsubasa confessed.
“So don't talk if you don't want to,” Mint said.
She gestured to the stack of art supplies that had been in the We Care package.
“You're an artist. Why don't you try drawing it out?”
“I can do that?”
“Sure. People sometimes find things easier to express difficult things in pictures.”
“I'll give it a try.”
“That's all I ask. Would you rather be alone or do you want company?”
“Okay. Then I will see you later.”

She waited until Mint had completely left the room to pick up a fresh sketch-pad.
Pencil in hand, Tsubasa started to draw.

Furo – A Japanese style bath. They are made for soaking in, not washing. You do all of your scrubbing of your body and hair, then rinse off completely BEFORE getting into the furo. (

MINT (CHLOE JACKSON) – Mint is a therapist from the whatever works school of therapy – if it doesn't cause further harm to her patient or others, then she's willing to try it. This is handy since most of her clients are soups. This flexibility is also why she does liaison work for SPOON.
Physical Description: Mint, as her name suggests, is green. Originally she had skin the color of mocha latte, heavy on the mocha, with curly black hair and very dark brown eyes. Now her skin is a bright grass green, her hair is still curly but forest green, and her eyes are mint green. Her prefer clothing is business casual in colors that contrast well with all the green. Jewelry is eclectic as she has a taste for funky hand-made pieces. She is tall at 5 feet 10 inches, with a small bust but generous hips.
Origin: The onset of puberty start turning her green and within a couple of years, she was all green.
Qualities: Master (+6) Therapist, Expert (+4) Flexibility, Good (+2) Self-Confidence, Poor (-2) Tiny Green Rage Monster When Angered
Powers: Average (0) Crayon Coloration
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Poem: Expectations
by shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer

Part of ysabetwordsmith's “Polychrome Heroics” series in the “Berettaflies” thread. As always, comments and constructive criticism is welcomed.

Warning: Single utterance of mild (IMO) foul language.


Everyone has expectations.
Some are their own, some are their parents', and others come from society.
So like everyone else, Keisuke Inoue had certain expectations.

From his parents, there was a few.
A good education but most parents want that for their children.
And his parents weren't crazy about it either.
Just learn as much as you can and get good grades.

Their second was to stay out of trouble.
Again, not unusual expectation from your parents.
This one was harder to accomplish.
Because as a kid and especially as a teenager, you push boundaries
and that can lead to trouble.

Or sometimes the trouble is unavoidable.
People don't ask to be harassed by bullies
and Keisuke wasn't the sort to stand by while someone is getting hurt.
Unfortunately his teachers didn't always see the rescue part.
All they saw was a fight and sometimes that was all they wanted to see.

His parents understood that and simply signed him up for classes to handle it better.
Classes that taught him to try to deescalate the situation first,
hopefully before it got violent.
It was difficult in the beginning.
Keisuke had a nasty temper with a short fuse.

“I'm not saying don't get angry kid,” Mr. Lafayette said.
“I'm saying don't get violent if you don't have to.”

While there was a certain immediate satisfaction to punching some jerk in the nose,
that satisfaction didn't last very long.
At least not for him.
He couldn't look at another kid's bruised face
knowing that he put those there and be happy about it.
He didn't like how scared the other kids were of him either.
So he worked on not letting his anger get the better of him.
It was hard but worth it.

It also set a good example for his little sisters.
Keisuke wanted to be a good example for his little sisters.
It was part of being a good onii-chan.
And he wanted to be the best onii-chan to Tsubasa and Mai.

Maybe that's why this hit him so hard.
He was the onii-chan
and the onii-chan is supposed to protect the little ones.
Tsubasa was an adult now but she was still his little sister.
And it hurt to know that she was hurt, that she had almost died
and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it.

It is always hard when you failed to live up to expectations.
It was worst when those expectations were your own.

onii-chan – big brother. Not the only form of big brother in Japanese and this one is rather informal.
Or least that is my understanding. My knowledge of Japanese is entirely self-taught so mistakes are a distinct possibility.

EDIT: Typo corrections
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Secret World
by shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer
Part of the Berettaflies.
Current Index:
Comments and constructive criticism is welcomed.

“Secret World”

It started the second day
she had been awake.
Small at first,
seconds where the world looked strange.
So fast that at first,
she thought that she had imagined it.
Or her eyes were getting irritated
from the hospital lights.
Or something.

Those seconds grew longer.
Until she couldn't pretend that it was nothing.

It wasn't all the time.
Just moments where the world would be
painted in a strange dance of color and light.
Colors that nobody else saw.
Colors that she couldn't see
outside of the flashes.

It was frightening.
She wondered if she was losing her mind
or going blind.
The doctors didn't know either
and started running tests.
Everything was coming up clean,
one big mystery until someone thought to ask SPOON.

It didn't take them long
to come up with an answer.
Butterflies could see in ultraviolet.
And now, sometimes, so could she.
They weren't sure if that ability would remain
something that went on and off or become something that was on all the time.
Time would tell.

Either way, they introduced her to Facet.
He was all too familiar with re-learning
how to see the world.

To be perfectly honest,
those eyes of his creeped her out.
A reaction that Tsubasa was sure
he had experienced all the time.
She couldn't control an instinctive reaction.
But she could control how she behaved
after logic brain overruled instinct brain.

He was helping her.
Being nice and patient
even through he had been hurt and was still recovering.
The least Tsubasa could do was be polite
and look him in the eyes when he spoke.

She found the eyes got less creepy
as you got used to them.
That if you gave yourself a chance to see Facet,
that soon the eyes just became part of his face.
Just Facet.

If you looked carefully,
you might see that the eyes were pretty,
in their own way. A different kind of pretty, perhaps.
But pretty.
Especially when the ultraviolet vision flickered on
and painted those eyes in ways only some of them could see.

Soon the vision changes went
from strange and frightening
to making her itch for her sketchbook.

Whatever else she was and chose to be,
Tsubasa was an artist.
And there was a whole world of hidden beauty
and color waiting to be explored.

EDIT: More fragments changed into something clearer.
EDIT 2: Typo
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by shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer
Part of the Berettaflies line.
Current index:
Comments and constructive criticism is welcomed.


It wasn't long after she woke up with wings,
that Tsubasa was starving.
The hunger made itself known almost
as soon as she could think past, 'I have wings.'
She plowed through what seemed like her own weight in food.
Even through it was some of the blandest food she had ever eaten.
It was food and in that first rush,
that was all that mattered.

“Is that strange?” her mother had asked.
“Not at all,” answered the guy from SPOON.
Pointer, that was his name.
Not a bad sort, if a little blunt.
Fortunately she had experience with
well-meaning but blunt people.
And to be fair, he didn't have nearly as bad
a case of foot-in-mouth disease as Ynez.
“New soups often have changes in appetite, especially the first day.”
He looked at the wings, looking more curious than afraid.
“Especially with physical changes like wings. The energy has to come from somewhere.”

Within days, her body shifted from
wanting mountains of food to wanting sugar.
To the point that she had stolen
Ynez's can of soda as soon as she walked into the room.

“Thirsty?” Ynez asked, one eyebrow raised.
“Yeah. Sorry about taking your drink.”
“No big deal.”
“It was still rude.”
“You can buy me another later, if it bothers you.”
“Still, I thought you didn't like Jazz all that much.”
“I don't.”
“Well, you just downed an entire can of it.”

She looked and sure enough, one empty can of Jazz in her hand.
'Odd,' she thought.
And shrugged it off in favor of spending time with her friend.
Best friend, Ynez was definitely her best friend.
Only a bestie would be fine with someone sprouting butterfly wings
and stealing their drinks.

One can soon turned into more.
Jazz was suddenly her new
favorite soft drink.
Maybe it because
it was so sweet.
That had bothered her before
but didn't seem to now.

Tsubasa mentioned it
to the medical staff.
They didn't know what to think either.
It might be nothing.
She seemed to be part-butterfly now
and butterflies were nectar feeders.
Though that didn't explain
why Jazz in particular hit the spot.
They added it to her file just in case.

EDIT: Re-arrangement of some lines and one typo.
EDIT: Re-arrangement to correct grammar misstep.
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Poem: Cards
By shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer
Part of the Berettaflies story line in Polychrome Heroics.

WARNING: Deals with the aftermath of attack of super-bugs whose effects ranged from death to permanent damage to injury to superpowers.


Tsubasa was making cards.
Cards for the others caught up in this mess.
She often found mass market cards to be not quite right.
So she made them herself.

For those who hadn't made it.
The total was up to five so far.
It couldn't be too personal.
After all, she had not known
any of the deceased or their families.
It had to be sympathetic
but she didn't want to use the standard phrases.
Most of them were pretty useless platitudes
that the families had no doubt been hearing all week.

For those who were badly hurt.
They had survived thus far
but it was a hard-won survival.
None of the medical staff had said
just how bad the critical patients were.
But their voices and faces told the story all too well.

For those who were stable
but had suffered severe damage.
Again, she did not know the details.
But she had looked up just what that damage might entail.
And winced.
Going from healthy and fit to
even the mildest of those outcomes had to suck.

For those who had survived
with largely invisible wounds.
The ones who seemed to have
escaped death, bad reactions, or superpowers.
But had lost classmates and friends
or seen them suffer severe harm.
And that could hurt just as much as
being stung and it lasted longer.

For those like her.
The ones who were developing superpowers.
She with her butterfly wings.
The other with many colors.
A third who was venomous to the touch.
It was a big change
and big changes are always hard.
Particularly ones that you couldn't hide if you wanted to.

For those who had worked to save lives.
The ones who risked being stung
to save those who had been.
The first responders who kept them alive
to reach the hospital.
The doctors and nurses who took that baton
and continued the race.
The people from SPOON who were helping make
being a new soup just a little easier.
Particularly Facet who had been hurt too.
The police and others who were trying
to keep more people from getting hurt.

Cards could not make the pain go away.
Could not take away the damage.
But she hoped that for at least one person,
it helped things hurt just a little bit less.

EDIT: Typo.
EDIT: Further Typos.
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Another piece of demi-fiction of the Berettaflies story arc.

Demifiction: Activity Scouts Notice
by shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer

In light of the recent “Berettaflies” incident, here are some things for our Scouts and other members of our communities to assist with the recovery.

Helping Hands
Man the help lines.
Distribute information packages
Distribute insect first aid kits
Distribute water and other needed supplies to the clean-up crew

We Care Packages
Donate funds and/or materials
Sort and organize donated materials.
Box up We Care packages.
Delivery of We Care packages.

Garden Party
Assist our seniors and others in need of help with making their gardens safe.
Help make moon and bat gardens.

Donate money and/or materials in the Berettaflies Recovery Project Fund.
Fund-raising for Berettaflies Recovery Project Fund.

Any further suggestions are welcomed.
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Thank you everyone for your feedback on “Metamorphosis.” I really appreciate it.

Poem: Practical Things
By shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer
Sequel to “Metamorphosis”

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