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 [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith 's Poetry Fishbowl is now live! This time the theme is "An Army of One." 

Most of you know the drill: Leave prompt, get fic. If you would boost the signal on your blog, social media, or website too, hooray! If you can donate monies for the writer, also hooray and thank you! 

If you don't know the drill, don't worry, the page explains it all.
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 A little late to the pool but better late than never. The ysabetwordsmith's Poetry Fishbowl is open here.
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 Time for the March crowdfunding Creative Jam Session here on Dreamwidth or over at Livejournal.
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It's that time again - [personal profile] dialecticdreamer 's Magpie Monday is here! Surf over here, left prompt, get writing. Hooray. And if you got the time to boost the signal or the cash to spare for a small donation, double hooray. But if you don't, that's cool too. The theme this time is "Bucking the System."
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Lullaby for a Princess” is a fan project based on the My Little Pony franchise, specifically the Friendship is Magic incarnation. For those who have not seen the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic series, I do recommend it. It's a cute show with a lot of heart. Not that there isn't the occasional hiccup but there is a reason this show has the popularity that it does.

Now back to the fan project. It features a song written by the PonyPhonic, a group (duo?) that writes MLP fan-songs and animation by a group of fans headed by WarpOut. It took 2.5 years to complete, coming out in May of last year. Both are based on the background of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, specifically Celestia's feelings about Luna's fall into Nightmare Moon and subsequent banishment to the moon.

Understandably, given the subject matter, it isn't very happy. I cried the first time I watched it. But it didn't feel like a bad cry. Just appropriate.

Both the song and the animation are beautiful.

Grab your tissues and please give it a watch.

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 Poetry Fishbowl is live! The theme is "building a future."
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 Magpie Monday, hosted by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer , is open for business here. Leave a prompt, get back writing.
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 Ysabetwordsmith is looking for theme ideas for the Poetry Fishbowl.

Check it out:

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Signal Boost: December Magpie Monday

Dialecticdreamer is hosting her December Magpie Monday. Left a prompt, get a story. Instead of asking for donations this time, she is simply asking for signal boosts and DW points if you got them to spare – and you get an extra 100 words for it.

Here is the link:
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Time for the December Poetry Fishbowl! This time the theme is “weather." Here are the details: (
Give a prompt, get a poem! If you can, kick some money in the poet's direction! If you can't, then spread the word! And remember to have fun!

BONUS!: There is a link-back poem “The Least of These” being hosted by dialecticdreamer. (


Nov. 27th, 2015 08:50 pm
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Ysabetwordsmith is posting a poem a verse at a time for link-backs. It is currently at 13 out of 17. It's really good so let's see if we can get the last bit of it visible.

Here's the link to the poem:
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It's that time again - Ysabetwordsmith's Poetry Fishbowl. This time the theme is I want my future back.

Full details here:
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A shout-out that I have been meaning to do for a while now . . .

Do you like to learn? Then you might have try out the Crash Course web-series on YouTube. Each episode are between ten and fifteen minutes long but they still pack a lot of information in those minutes plus provide links and resources in the description box so you can find out more.

Here is the introduction video:

The introduction video is a little outdated as they have finished the courses mentioned in it. Current courses are Anatomy and Physiology, Astronomy, US Government and Politics, and Economics. Also they have expanded to other hosts besides John and Hank for the courses – for example, the on-going Astronomy course is presented by a NASA astronomer.

While they get some support elsewhere, it is a largely crowfunded effort.

I hope you enjoy the videos, hopefully learn something new, and as they say in John and Hank's hometown, don't forget to be awesome.
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It's that time again. Time for the October Poetry Fishbowl by Ysabethwordsmith. Drop it, leave a prompt, and enjoy the poetry.

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I first encountered the Dreamer while reading the comments on the posts of the Wordsmith. They were thoughtful and thought-provoking so it didn't take great effort for me to transition from reading her comments to reading her own posts. I think one of the earliest one's I've read was May 22 2014 entry “What's Said Is Said.” I don't know if that is first one I read – I do know that is the one that made me bookmark her blog so I could find it again.

Since then I have been a frequent reader but a seldom commenter. Not because the posts weren't worthy of comment, they were but because it can sometimes take a while to organize my thoughts into something understandable and by then the evil monkey in my head had played the self-doubt tape enough times to make me hesitate and ultimately decide to keep my thoughts to myself. But the few times I did comment, I found the response timely and enthusiastic. With time, that (and maybe this blog) will help take the wind out of the evil monkey's sails.

Now let's talk about the Dreamer's writing.


The Dreamer discusses her reactions and thoughts about entertainment – how it is, how it was, and how it might be improved. She also brings up other non-entertainment topics. All of these are thought and thought-provoking. She asks questions to herself and to the audience. She makes me think. Since I enjoy thinking, I enjoy those questions even when I only answer them to myself.


Her works of fiction are roughly divided into two parts – the works for the shared worlds that she is creating and the works set in the shared worlds created by others. Of the later, these are the worlds created by the Wordsmith but we'll get to them in a moment. Let's start with her worlds.

Heliodrax – Shapeshifting dragons that have lived side-by-side with humans since the beginning. Mostly demifiction (fictional pieces written as if they were non-fiction, like the fake news stories in Iron Man) about the Heliodrax but there are some short pieces featuring these intriguing dragons. Interesting for its unique take on the shape-shifter dragon. I cannot recall anything similar to the culture and family structure of these dragons. I hope to see more and longer pieces for this as the pieces so far have been short, giving us only short glimpses into that world.

The Voices of Engines – Alternate history steampunk or clockwork (or combination). So far only small glimspes into the gaslight streets of the inhabitants of that Boston but those glimpses promise a very interesting world.

She also writes The Storm Series which I haven't read yet through it does sounds interesting. After all, it isn't often that what the winter storm drags in a small village is an alien.

As aforementioned, she also plays in the sandboxes of the Wordsmith in the Polychrome Heroics, Frankenstein's Family, and Schrodinger's Heroes in the form of demi-fiction and stories. Her stories are prose, rather than poetry, but I think they still fit nicely beside the poems.


A new feature, one Monday a month she opens her blog for writing prompts.


Here On Dreamwidth:

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For my first attempt at this, I thought I'd start with the person who brought me to this website. The Wordsmith, like the name implies, works in words. In prose, in poetry, in fan fiction, in original pieces, in nonfiction, in opinions on topics, she shapes words into images, sounds, touch, taste, and feeling.

Works often include notes after them to inform and/or further expand on topics raised in the work, especially if that topic is a sensitive one. Besides being informative, those notes and her other words have often left me pondering. Often with thoughts like “that is a very good point” or “oh exactly, that has been bugging me for ages but I couldn't figure out -how- exactly or how to word it to someone else.”

I love pondering. I love good writing. I love learning new things. And besides helping me be more aware of things in IRL, I think her writing has made me more aware of things like agency, finding a third option, and diversity in the fictional world I'm trying to build and the characters who live in it. Ultimately, I believe that will make me a better writer. It has already made me a more thoughtful reader and watcher. For that, I say thank you.

Okay, fan-girling over. Let's talk about the works of the Wordsmith.

First, the piece of fan fiction that started this cascade.


Featuring the Avengers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with occasional forays into the wider Marvel Universe, largely told from the viewpoint of the World's Mightiest Handler, Agent Phil Coulson. Focused on building the team as a family and an actual team instead of a pack of squabbling people who happen to have overlapping goals.


There are too many worlds to explore here on this page. Most prominently of those is probably the Polychrome Heroics, which is a superhero setting set in a world similar but different from our own. Distinctive from other superhero stories out there in remember that having superpowers isn't what makes someone a hero or a villain or something in between or none of the above. But as I started before, there are many more worlds and characters to explore.


Ysabetwordsmith gives frequent opportunities for readers to prompt in both the Poetry Fish Bowl and the Bingo – both of which are regular features.

Much of her original work is crowd-funded so if you like it, support it. (Note that doesn't have to be money – boosting the signal like this is also support).


Here on Dreamwidth:

Or On LiveJournal:

What are you waiting for? Go read.

(7/10 Edit: Just minor clean-up.)


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