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 The crowdfunding Creative Jam session for January is open here and here with the theme of “Art and Artisans.” Leave a prompt and/or claim a prompt.

What I Have Written:

“Something You Don't See Everyday” – Inspired by the prompts of [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith[personal profile] chanter_greenie, and one of my own.

From My Prompts:

“"Drawing Out the Feelings" – by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith



Nov. 30th, 2015 07:03 pm
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SOS / Helping Hands Update

Ysabetwordsmith's family members' situation has gotten a little better. But they still need help getting home. Read the update ( for details. Dialecticdreamer is hosting a linkback for the signal-boosters. It's from Frankenstein's Family. Check it out: (
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Poem: “Stories”
by shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer

Inspired by ysabetwordsmith's prompt about an alien reading a book. First attempt at writing straight up science fiction. Comments and constructive criticism are welcomed.


Enaz purchased the box on impulse.
It was from a little stall in the port marketplace.
The stall was run by an alien race that Enaz wasn't too familiar with.
It called itself a human and said the items it had were from its home planet.

Thon had always been curious about other races and the price for the box was reasonable.
Enaz purchased it and took it home.
Inspecting the box, thon noted that it contained several similar looking objects.

Box-like in overall shape but the inside part of them cut into very thin sheets.
There were squiggles and sometimes pictures all over the sheets.
'Writing,' Enaz noted.
Not that was too unexpected.
Many of the races that had reached the stars had writing.
Too bad thon didn't know any of their languages, written or otherwise.

Or at least, thon didn't know any of them yet.
The human at the marketplace had learned one of the trading languages.
Logically, Enaz could learn one of the human tongues.

That setback aside, the box-objects were still pretty interesting.

The next time, Enaz was near a market, thon decided to see if there were any humans about.
Sometimes there weren't and sometimes there were.
Thon discovered many things about humans in the process.
Some of them were quite rude and very unhelpful in thon's quest.
But many of them were kind and gave Enaz their knowledge freely.

Slowly but surely, Enaz solved the mystery of the box-objects.
They were called books.
Some of them spoke of true things.
Or were supposed to. Sometimes the information was wrong.
Enaz's human friend Sarah told thon that was because some of them were made a long time ago.

But the ones that really captured thon was the ones that told stories.
You can learn a lot about a people from their stories.

Humans told a lot of stories.
Stories about love and kindness.
Stories about hate and cruelty.
Stories about far-away places and the distant past.
Stories about made-up places and very peculiar beings.
Stories that were long and stories that were short.
All kinds of stories.

When Enaz ran out of stories in the first box, thon sought out more.
Because you could never have too many stories.
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Poem: The Bookworms
By shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer

Inspired by a prompt by chanter_greenie. I have attempted to channel the late Sir Terry Pratchett. As always comments and constructive criticism is welcomed.

“The Bookworms”

The L-Space is filled with many strange creatures.
One of the strangest, possibly, are the bookworms.
Not the ones you are probably thinking of but an actual worm.
A worm that eats by reading.

Don't ask how they do that.
I don't know and neither does anyone else it seems.
If the worms know, they have not chosen to enlighten us.
And nobody with any sense wants to push the issue.

See the worms get bigger the more books they consume.
And they spit words when offended.
They aren't small words either.
Annoy one of them and you will buried
under a mountain of five-syllable words.

The worms don't eat just any books either.
They are picky.
It has to be a good book.
And most of them have certain types of books that they like.
There are mystery worms, scific worms, fantasy worms, romance worms, and so on.
Every type of book has a worm that loves it.

The bookworms are close cousins to film-worms.
Sometimes they get along with their cousins.
Those ones will happily share nests
and past fan-fiction back and forth.
Others fight with each other.
Those have staked out clearly their own territories
and will savagely attack any member of the other camp.

The same thing tends to happen with the other media-worms.
Some of them collaborate well and enrich each other.
Others clash and splint into their own niches.

The bookworms are a symbiotic relationship with the Librarians.
The Librarians have books and need readers.
The bookworms are readers and need books.
It's a win-win situation for everyone.

If you wish to seek out the bookworms, go right ahead.
Just remember one thing.
Don't mess with their books.
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Poem: Books Are
by shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer

Inspired by the prompt by brides_koneko for the November Creative Jam. Comments and constructive criticism welcomed.

“Books Are”

The truest companions one could ask for.
They are always there when we need them.
They never ask us to be other than who we are.
To the book, you are simply the reader.
And all they ask is that you read them.

A means of escape.
With a book, you can run away without ever leaving your house.
You might see distant stars and encounter mysterious aliens.
You can travel back into the past, from the beginnings of the Earth to within your own lifetime.
You step into other world, catching glimpse of unicorns dancing amongst the trees or dragons in flight.

In each, you travel not alone but with a myriad of companions.
For a brief time, you step into their shoes.
You might solve crimes in gaslight streets of London with Watson and Holmes.
Or step aboard ship with Honor Harrington and journey amongst the stars.
Or you struggle to save Middle-Earth with the Fellowship.

A source of information.
Any given subject has a legion of books about it.
Each waiting to impart their wisdom.
At times this can be overwhelming.
But that's why books have librarians.

A treasure of culture.
The folk-tales, fairy stories, and legends that speak of how these people see the world.
Some are etched onto paper, others are held by elders' memory.
Either way, they are a gift of the ancients.
A gift that has too often been lost.
So keep them close.

Books are many things to many people.
Whatever your book is you, you know it will always be there.
Waiting to be read once more.
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Poem: Lost
by shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer

Inspired by a prompt by alexseanchai for the November Creative Jam. Comments and constructive criticism is welcomed.


Over the course of history, many stories have become lost.
The reasons why are legion, for they are many.

Perhaps the language is also become lost.
Its once many speakers lay cold and silence.
Their tales are buried with them.
Just one more set of ghosts.

Sometimes the language becomes fractured with pieces of itself disappearing into the ether.
The result is a rich tapestry chewed into fragments by word-eating moths.
Some try to fill in those empty spaces but the repair is often a thread-bare and mismatched patch.

Sometimes the language lives and story-teller lives.
But none or too few listen to their words.
They speak but are not heard.
And when they stop speaking, more become lost.

Even committing the stories to material than memory does not help.
Stone can be worn down or broken into pieces.
Paper can be burnt or soaked or eaten by insects.
Metal can be scratched or melted.
And when they are, the precious words they hold slip away once more.

Sometimes it is nature that takes the stories away.
Other times is it is man.
Either way, they are gone.
Hidden in the Library of Lost Stories.

But lose not your hope, dear reader.
Because, sometimes, someone finds one a missing story and brings it back to us.
And that is cause for celebration.
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Poem: Amazing
by shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer

Inspired by one of capriuni's prompts on the Creative Jam.


Books are amazing.
Between the covers of a book, lie many a splendid thing.
The words dance off the page and into your imagination.
One flight of fantasy, now boarding.

Within a book, you can take a journey.
It might take you to places near.
Perhaps the town you grow up, dusted with the memories of childhood.
Or the place you live now, its streets familiar yet different under the author's pen.
You might venture farther.
Making your way to a city on the other side of the country, or the planet, or the universe.
Or perhaps you might slip through the looking glass or down the rabbit-hole to another world entirely.

Within a book, you encounter new creatures.
Some are as familiar as your own furry companions.
Others are more wild but familiar citizens of your own woods, fields, mountains, and seas.
But you might also those that seem to inhabit only the world of dreams.
The fantastic beasts, scary monsters, and those who are neither or both.

With a book, you met new people.
Strangers who become dear friends and stalwart companions.
At times, you experience their joy and share in their triumphant.
Laughing and smiling with the rest of the party.
At other times, you experience their sorrow and share in their misery.
Crying tears and praying they make it through.

You can have all that and more.
Just by opening a book.
Amazing, isn't it?
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Poem: Hungry for A Story
by shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer

Inspired by prompts from brides_koneko and 
[personal profile] capriuni  for the November Creative Jam.
Read more... )
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I decided to participate in ysabetwordsmith's November Creative Jam session in more than just prompts. This was my first creative jam and it was fun. I definitely plan to do so again and thinking about doing my own call for prompts event. Just have to make sure to schedule it at the right time.

What I've Written
Why We Don't Annoy the Author” – It doesn't pay to be rude to a writer.

Amazing” – Books are awesome.

Lost” – Sometimes stories become lost.

Books Are” – Exactly what it says on the tin.

Stories” – An alien discovers human books.

Hungry for a Story” – Books and food.

"Bookworms" - One of the many strange denizens of L-Space is the bookworm.

The other poems will be posted but with exception of two on that list, I let the prompters view them first.
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Why We Don't Annoy the Author
by shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer

Inspired by a prompt made ysabetwordsmith for the Crowdfunding Creative Jam November 14-15 2015 session.
On DW:
On Livejournal:

“Why We Don't Annoy The Author”

It is not wise to annoy an author.
For they write books and wield words.

In their worlds, they are god.
They created it, they shape it.
And they people it.

Sometimes those they met in life inspire those people.
The fate of those who are kind to the author is equally kind.
They become the brave knights and mighty amazons out to save the world.
They become the wise woman and great sages who mentor our heroes.
They become the families, the friends, and gentle folk that enrich the heroes and their world.

Those who annoy the author do not end up so well.

They might become the squeak toy.
A being whom the author loves to stomp under their feet.
The idiot who will always fail to succeed and is hoisted by his own petard.

They might become a minion.
One of the faceless horde, an anonymous creature who exists only to be beaten by the hero.
The hapless bungler who always gets it wrong and often dies at the hands of its master.

They might become the unlikeable victim.
The person all the readers are hoping something horrible happens to.
But not in that love-to-hate sort of way but in that go-away-forever sort of way.
These are the people whom filled chamber pots are dumped onto.
These are the people who die alone with few mourners.

Anyway you slice it, people who annoy the author are setting up their avatars for an unpleasant life.
One where you are made of fail, covered in humiliation, and usually end up suffering a terrible death.

It is an awful fate but it is one easily avoided.
Just be nice to the author.
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A shout-out that I have been meaning to do for a while now . . .

Do you like to learn? Then you might have try out the Crash Course web-series on YouTube. Each episode are between ten and fifteen minutes long but they still pack a lot of information in those minutes plus provide links and resources in the description box so you can find out more.

Here is the introduction video:

The introduction video is a little outdated as they have finished the courses mentioned in it. Current courses are Anatomy and Physiology, Astronomy, US Government and Politics, and Economics. Also they have expanded to other hosts besides John and Hank for the courses – for example, the on-going Astronomy course is presented by a NASA astronomer.

While they get some support elsewhere, it is a largely crowfunded effort.

I hope you enjoy the videos, hopefully learn something new, and as they say in John and Hank's hometown, don't forget to be awesome.
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Reading While Cooking.

It certainly sounds interesting, I've got to say.

Here is the link:


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