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Demi-Fiction: Advert for All Bodies All Beautiful
by shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer

Part of Polychrome Heroics:
Set-up for some of my planned pieces for the Berettaflies thread.

Clothing, Make-Up, Hair and Fur Care, and More for Those Who Don't Fit The Mold

We at All Bodies All Beautiful believe that everyone's body is beautiful. That everyone deserves to have clothing that fits their bodies and doesn't cause them harm. That everyone deserves health and beauty products that actually work and look good on them regardless of what they look like. That everyone who desires it is entitled to beauty and spa services that are comfortable and safe.

Price varies on a case-by-case basis. While we never say no to money, we also accept trades and other deals of that nature. If you have need or want of our services but lack funds, call us anyway! We'll figure something out that's fair for us and fair for you.
-Jean-Claude St. Romain, Client Services Coordinator
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Another piece of demi-fiction of the Berettaflies story arc.

Demifiction: Activity Scouts Notice
by shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer

In light of the recent “Berettaflies” incident, here are some things for our Scouts and other members of our communities to assist with the recovery.

Helping Hands
Man the help lines.
Distribute information packages
Distribute insect first aid kits
Distribute water and other needed supplies to the clean-up crew

We Care Packages
Donate funds and/or materials
Sort and organize donated materials.
Box up We Care packages.
Delivery of We Care packages.

Garden Party
Assist our seniors and others in need of help with making their gardens safe.
Help make moon and bat gardens.

Donate money and/or materials in the Berettaflies Recovery Project Fund.
Fund-raising for Berettaflies Recovery Project Fund.

Any further suggestions are welcomed.
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Demifiction: A Letter to Editor
by shiori_makiba / Ashley Weyer
Part 1 of 1 (complete)
Word Count: 80

Inspired ysabethwordsmith's “Berrettaflies” and DialecticDreamer's “Demifiction: Children's Hospital Closes Doors!”

Dear Editor,

I just have one question: How many people have to die or get hurt before Spectrum learns the meaning of the term “collateral damage?” That supervillains shouldn't be trying to make superbugs does not excuse them from not doing their best to reduce harm to innocent bystanders. Nor have I heard anything like an apology to any of the victims or their families.

If you are going to wear the cape, then be responsible!

A Concerned Citizen


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