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Florida, or at least the section of it I live in, is usually ranges from warm to hot, often with high humidity for added flavor. But during the winter time, it does what I like to call our Winter Week. Just a week - sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, in the winter months were it gets cold. Actually cold. Most people here consider it cold if the outside temperature drops below 80 or 70. But this morning when I got up it was 46 degrees F. Which is actually cold. It's supposed to warm back up over the course of the week.

Because it is cold and I like it, I making chili in the crockpot. Chili is good for cold days. And hot days.

People living in Florida aren't used to cold and most of them don't have the clothes for it. They have to layer. I kept some of my winter clothes from Colorado because I'm often cold so I do okay. But I've seen people having to double and triple layer light jackets. To be fair to those people, it's not like they need a thicker coat most of the time. Not in this section of Florida. Northern Florida gets colder more regularly - it's winter can actually be called a winter. The rest of the Florida, winter generally gets means its drier.

Note for anyone who comes to Central Florida during the months between May and September, remember that while that is where it is nice and hot here, it also when it rains. Afternoon thunderstorms are an almost everyday occurrence. And hurricanes, even if they don't directly hit the area you are in, can still dump a lot of water in the surrounding areas. So be prepared for rain.

September and October might be better times to come in terms of weather. It isn't quite as hot and humid and it isn't usually raining every day. Of course, that's when most people can't come. Because the little ones have school. But still and since not everyone has kids, something to think about.

Well, ta-ta for now.


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