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Poem: Florida Mornings

by shiori_makiba

A free-verse poem.

“Florida Morning”

Florida morning has many faces.

Sometimes it is sunny,

with skies of crystal blue, or

dotted with puffs of marshmallow clouds

Sometimes it is stormy,

with skies covered in a cloak of gray,

heavy with rain and rumbling from thunder.

Sometimes it is quiet,

the air is still and heavy.

Already too hot and humid

for even the birds and bugs.

Sometimes it is noisy,

a chorus of birds greeting their neighbors

and winter time visitors.

The drone and buzz of insects

accompanies this conversation.

Sometimes it is cool,

the rain having stopped

or slowed to a soft drizzle.

The rain flickers in and out,

sometimes heavy and sometimes light.

Sometimes the cool rain stays all day.

Others days it gives a short shower

before darting away.

Sometimes it is hot.

Those days where even the fall of night

can barely cool the heat.

Where the air is so thick,

you could cut it with a knife.

You spend the day chasing

even the barest hint of a breeze.

One watches the skies and

prays for rain to bring welcome relief.

Sometimes it wears one face for all day.

Sometimes it changes from one to another,

giving you the full range of its faces

before the day is done.

It's hard to say, what which one you will get.

But it is always something different,

Florida mornings.

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