Jan. 1st, 2016

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 Goals for 2016


I saw something similar on Ysabetwordsmith's blog here on DW and thought it was good idea. Without further ado, I present (in no particular order) my goals for 2016:


  1. Actually look at this list of goals more than now and at the end of the year so I might have snowball's chance of accomplishing some of it. I have shamelessly stolen/borrowed (delete as you see fit) this goal from the Wordsmith on the grounds it is a sensible idea.

  2. Make a website for original writing work.

  3. Make practice quilt. Accept that as my first quilt that it will not be the best.

  4. Finish butterfly quilt for Mom.

  5. Finish embroidery on the rose quilt squares.

  6. Finish rose quilt for Aunt Nene.

  7. Finish rose throw pillows for Aunt Nene.

  8. Finish lavender flower pillow thing.

  9. Consider other small fiber-craft projects such as making bookmarks, etc.

  10. Complete one piece of writing, either one poem, one chapter, one episode script, etc per original series idea. Post said pieces to see which get nibbles and otherwise generate interest from audience.

  11. Create basic supporting materials for series, such as basic character sheets, cast lists, etc.

  12. Make writing Twitter account. Remember to actually login and use it.

  13. Continue Berettaflies pieces. Finish making character sheets for my already created characters in that thread.

  14. Experiment with writing – try something new like a structured poem that isn't a haiku.

  15. Continue to improve writing and look for opportunities to increase skills and knowledge.

  16. Participate in at least one bingo fest.

  17. Start regular prompt session similar to Poetry Fishbowl or Magpie Monday.

  18. Re-obtain some form of regular employment to help support self while building writing career.

  19. Continue to volunteer at local library.

  20. Go through closet to remove clothes that no longer fit, and take them to a charity.

  21. Work on getting degree out whatever institution nonsense is keeping it in limbo.

  22. Fill in the blank: __________. Again, something I have again stolen / borrow from the Wordsmith. Because one is right that sometimes you pick up surprise goals that you didn't see coming but deserve credit for.


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