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 Like many writers, I have a legion (for they are many) of characters who part-live in my head. The rest of the time they occupy another world that I have been getting interesting glimpses of.  Some of these glimpses did not seem to belong to the same place but everyone insisted that they did. Apparently none of them realized until today that no one had informed me that while everyone was from the same WORLD, they were NOT from the same TIME period. >.< 

*head desk grumble why didn't you say so earlier?! mumble*

For any who might be curious, that world is known as Yamato. It is very inspired by my interest / love in various anime, manga, super sentai series, including the prevalence of people with hair and eyes (and skin) in every color known to crayons. It is also inspired by my growing annoyance / irritation toward the things that bug me about above (the Law of Chromatic Superiority in Super Sentai for example) and others - like the increasing lack of agency and/or ethical behavior in our "heroes." I want heroes who do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Solutions other than hitting things to problems. That even villains should have boundaries, lines that they will not cross and view those who do so extremely poorly. Women Being Awesome. Families of Choice. Non-heterosexuals with happy, fulfilling lives. People falling in love with people who aren't abusive jerks. That the dude in the wheelchair and/or the neutral variant lady are totally capable of saving the world if they want to.

I'm still building the bridge. Hopefully once it is complete, other people will be willing to visit Yamato with me.


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